Design of a New Character

We are able to provide design services based on your concept for a character. Changes can be made to the initial sketches based on client input, then a full color design will be provided. 

Development and Fabrication

When bringing a design for a character into its physical form, taking into consideration essential elements like functionality, ease of movement, and aesthetics is key. We work with you to maintain the integrity of the design while implementing these elements.

Maintenance and Refurbishment

We offer maintenance and refurbishment services for the characters we produce.  


If more than one puppet or costume is needed of the same character, we are capable of building multiples. The patterns and molds for the character remain with us for the exclusive use of your company.

Training and Character Programs

Cedwan Hooks offers performance-based puppetry and costume character workshops, as well as guidance regarding the set up of your character program.

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